Italian One-Man BandIt’s official. A dream of sorts: to chronicle the life and times of the new amateur musicians movement currently on the rise, due in no small part to the internet and the explosion of niche culture in a world of long-tail economics.

And, why not, throw in my own practical and philosophical two cents into the wisdom-of-the-crowd pot. Since I myself have been active in finding amateur musicians to learn and practice with for some time now. Even played at quasi-official ceremonies, full of pomp and cheer.

My habit will be to research and write in conjunction with music practice, to share ideas and problems that emerge from the dedicated process of learning a musical instrument and trying to master a repertoire, whether alone or with others.

So, if you’re an everyday – or everyweek – perspiring instrumentalist you’ve found a home. Click deep into the links to find what you’re looking for.

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