Andrew had warned us: on the last morning, many of us would be either exhausted or heading out. Nevertheless – in a final display of commitment to this experience – many Django Campers are attending the last seminar of the week, at 10am!

Not me. I’m done for. Fingers are hurting, I haven’t slept much in the last few days, and now I’m roaming around the ground floor chit-chatting with the soon-to-depart guest instructors and camp participants.

As the sessions are underway I decide to walk around some more and take a few a few last pics. You’ll see below pics of a session with Dennis Chang on the Art of Accompaniment, Kruno Spisic doing a rundown of trademark Django licks and Tim Kliphuis teaching unversal Grappelli licks to the the recently-initiated.

d6 dchang1

d6 kspisic1

d6 tkliphuis1

Aurevoir Northampton!

d6 andrew desk

Alas, time to go! Michel Gaudette and I pack our belongings and head to the font desk to do check out procedures with Andrew. Eschewing good-bye sentimentalism, I’m nevertheless feeling the pangs of the end of a great moment in time, a week of undisturbed musical bliss in a setting perfect for the cause. So much has happened, and I haven’t even begun assimilating all the learning I’ve done throughout the week.

Now the pinch has finally come – the goodbye pinch – to check if I’ve be dreaming all this up!


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