Here’s a clip to accompany my previous post, of Glenn Gould playing variation 25 from the Goldberg Variations. It’s from a recording made for television, late in his life.

I include it here because of the sheer contrast between this delicate performance, and the visual chaos of his heavily-annotated score featured in my previous post.

Beyond that, Gould’s performance here has the same effect on me as some of the melancholy textures in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, with an added vulnerability that is really quite beautiful.

Like a broken-hearted Satie playing the music of Bach on a lonely winter day.

Btw, please don’t take the “take 844” quip in my post title literally. I believe this recording was done in a few takes, but certainly not 844! It’s just my way of saying that Gould had played this piece many times over throughout his life…

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