Are you a fan of the WHO? Good news: they’ve just released a new hit single.

Problem is, it’s a lousy tune and nobody’s buying. So what can a lumbering dinosaur do to get some new love? Oldest trick in the biz: get your legions to dress gothic.

Of course I’m not talking about the band, but the UN agency.

Do you sometimes have the feeling that the world you live in is a badly written horror flick? You aspire to freedom, peace, happiness and prosperity, but there seems to be no shortage of toxic surprises just lurking around the corner?

Problem is, you don’t have access to the script, nor do you know who the scriptwriter is. You only see the actors, basking in red carpet glory and awards ceremony honors.

Well, kudos once again for the good people at The Onion for pointing out the obvious.

Ominous Music Heard Throughout U.S. Sends Nation Into Panic

There, you heard it, the golden rule of horror flicks: “when you’re standing there relieved, that is when the horrible event is most likely to occur…” Do me a favor: keep that in mind this fall, when you’re standing in line waiting for your swine flu shot.

Just kidding: of course it’ll be fully tested and safe.

(post intro image credit: stuart anthony)

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